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“We were able to waive the practical test thanks to the LeQuest e-training”

The Dutch hospital Diakonessenhuis in Utrecht and Zeist succesfully completed the LeQuest e-training pilot for the Erbe VIO 300 D. The reactions to the pilot are very positive.

Demonstrated competence

Hannah de Rover-Weerd, senior Advisor of Education & Development at Diakonessenhuis, explains the process: “There are 300 learning paths for medical technology within the digital learning platform of the Diakademie (the academy of the hospital). Recently we implemented a LeQuest e-training for one of these learning paths; the Erbe VIO 300 D. Our OR nurses are now able to learn in an effective and fun way. The e-training builds on what they already know. Allowing more experienced employees to go through and successfully complete the e-training faster to demonstrate their competence and become certified.”

Time saving

“Thanks to the LeQuest e-training, we no longer need to take our staff off the work floor to perform a practical test to assess their proficiency. Instead our nurses can easily fit the LeQuest e-training into their daily tasks saving them and their colleagues a lot of time. They can even access the e-training from home, since the digital learning platform is accessible from any place 24/7. The only way to finish the e-training is to demonstrate that you can operate the device well, so doing the e-training is a nice and effective replacement for the practical test.”

Easy to apply

Julia Geus-Noomen was the first OR nurse that succesfully completed the e-training and therefore was handed a bouquet by LeQuest: “At the time I was doing the e-training, I had only been employed at the hospital for 5 months. I wasn’t familiar with the device. Because of the LeQuest e-training I got to know the device well. In the simulated environment of the e-training I performed many practical actions that you perform in an OR. Because it feels like you are actually performing the actions during the training, it makes it easier to apply in the OR, compared to more theoretical e-learning programs.”

A good and fun way of digital learning

“I found the e-training fun and interesting to do. I was stimulated to keep going and was able to proceed quickly, while sitting at home on my sofa. I was constantly curious what the next question would be. It was almost like I was playing a game. It would be great if this way of training became available for other devices.”

“We were able to waive the practical test thanks to the LeQuest e-training”