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“In 4 weeks time we have been able to train 100% of the employees in this way."

We recently spoke to Laurens van Houte, head of the OR department, and Job Meirik, team coordinator of anesthesia, of the Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST). In early 2019, they trained their employees prior to the introduction of their new anesthesia ventilators, Aisys CS2 from GE Healthcare, through the LeQuest e-training. We asked Laurens and Job about their experiences with the e-training and LeQuest.

NB: The testimonial is in Dutch, please make sure to turn on the English subtitles.

Dutch Covenant

In the context of the Dutch Covenant Medical Technology, MST looked at the various options for training during the early stages of the investment project of the anesthesia ventilators.

The fact that one can be trained through simulations in advance and also be tested in the e-training was decisive. Laurens explains the choice for LeQuest: “We saw a demo of the LeQuest e-training during the investment project. We liked it so much that we decided to work with LeQuest.”

A good preparation

Thanks to the e-training, the employees of MST were able to prepare quickly and adequately before the introduction of the new anesthesia ventilators. Job says: “The LeQuest e-training of the Aisys CS2 is very detailed and gives you a good idea of what the device looks like and where the different options and functions are. I think you are very well and much faster prepared to use this ventilator."

Integration with learning management system

An important point of the Dutch Covenant Medical Technology is the registration of the competence of employees. By integrating the LeQuest e-training within the Learning Management System, the results can be registered centrally. According to Laurens, this was not only an advantage for the hospital, but also for the employees themselves: “The integration with with our own learning environment was really easy, and employees could log in for the e-training via a trusted portal.”

Future cooperation

After this first experience, we are curious how Laurens and Job think about expansion to other high-risk devices. When we asked how Laurens sees a future collaboration, he replied: “We really enjoyed working with LeQuest. I am very curious about which training LeQuest will develop in the future. (...) So far, experiences have been good, so it actually tastes like more.”

Job is also enthusiastic: "I think it has added value for all equipment that we use in the OR."