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The power of neuroscience

The science of learning examines how people learn and how learning and development improves performance and memory.

At LeQuest, we have not only invested in making the best technology but in understanding the power of neuroscience on how to enhance active learning.

Neuroscience has a lot to offer to the field of learning and instructional design. It allows us to understand how the brain reacts when it has to learn, whether it’s about acquiring information or memorizing it.

Our Active Learning platform takes advantage of these neuroscience protocols that stimulate a variety of areas of the brain and promote memory. LeQuest’s educational methodology is based on these principles which we have embedded in all our offerings.

By coupling technology and active learning neuroscience protocols together, we make a superior product that is ahead of the curve in terms of motivation, stimulation, understanding and memory.

"Neuroscience has shown that learning a skill changes the brain and that these changes revert when practice of the skill ceases. Hence ‘use it or lose it’ is an important principle for lifelong learning. So practice, high quality targeted training can improve performance on tasks. Interactive simulations that provide meaningful feedback on the professionals’ actions is key to ensuring a better performance on those tasks."

Source: Brain Waves Module 2: Neuroscience: implications for education and lifelong learning