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Lequest. Improving hospital life

We live in a world where medical machines are made to improve our operational efficiencies and increase the quality of patient care.

The multitude of different medical devices available for healthcare professionals to use is overwhelming and impacts the know-how to use them effectively.

This is just the start, it has a much wider and a more impactful knock-on effect when you lose a patient unnecessarily.

Healthcare professionals become more empowered when they have mastered the use of medical machines.

Let's explore the possible outcomes

For Hospitals - Clipboard

With our technology, healthcare professionals work better, move faster, make less mistakes and save costs. Ultimately, they save more lives.

For Hospitals -Phone

We empower the healthcare professional to choose their journey, enabling them to brush up, understand, learn, develop, up-skill, certify or relearn with LeQuest. The journey is theirs to take - anytime, anywhere, at their own pace and for whatever their needs.

Hospitals need a partner that can guarantee a standardized learning platform.

One that understands modern learning needs and how people best retain that knowledge. Along with the technological know-how, custom-built engine and integration within your own hospital infrastructure, to make it all happen.

That partner is lequest.

We are the only company that delivers a multiple vendor solution for medical technology that actively trains, certifies and re-certifies your workforce.

Our expertise guarantees you achieve your vision and goals.

With us you:

Speed up learning gaps across permanent and temporary staff

Build confidence through interface familiarity

Experience fast and easy onboarding

Ultimately fulfill both the departmental and healthcare professionals’ needs in one

HOSPITALS we have worked with

Ge healthcare AISYS CS2


Arcomed's infusion pumps


Erbe Vio 300 D


Get in touch and let us show you how to optimize technology to achieve your goals.

We guarantee options that suit every need.


“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.

- Henry Ford