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The NVAM accredits the e-trainings by LeQuest!

Recognition as educational institution by the NVAM (dutch society of nurse anesthetists) signifies a new milestone for LeQuest. LeQuest enables healthcare providers to use medical technology with competence and confidence. With e-training through simulations, LeQuest trains and certifies health care providers in preparation for daily practice.

The NVAM has granted accreditation for the e-training developed for anesthesia practitioners from various hospitals and will also accredit new training courses. The already accredited training courses of LeQuest are:

  1. Infusion pumps: Fresenius Kabi, Module MVP, DPS en Base A, Orchestra
  2. Infusion pumps: BBraun, Perfusor Space en SpaceStation,
  3. Autotransfusion: Sorin, Electa Concept
  4. Cell Saver: Haemonetics, Cell Saver 5+
  5. Ventilation: Breas, VIVO50, MR410 & MR850
  6. General: Dealing with medical technology

Available shortly: Ventilation: GE Healthcare, Aisys CS2

Accreditation is granted to members of the NVAM who have successfully completed the e-training(s) of LeQuest. The number of accreditation points differs per training.

For more information about the above-mentioned e-trainings please contact LeQuest via

About LeQuest

LeQuest is a multi-vendor specialist for online interactive simulation-based training for the use of medical devices. Our goal is to improve the quality of care by unlocking the potential of both medical technology as well as the competence of medical staff to use devices to the limit of their possibilities. We partner with both healthcare institutions and medical device manufacturers. We tailor our solutions as needed. We are your end-to-end development and delivery partner, from defining device-related learning goals and building, validating and implementing simulation-based training, to certifying and re-certifying medical staff.