Philips and LeQuest bring you an e-training solution to gain hands-on experience before working with Philips ultrasound equipment


To help users perform ultrasound imaging examinations with the Affiniti ultrasound system, Philips and LeQuest collaborated in developing an e-training solution. The combination of the high-end Affiniti ultrasound system and the unique training methodology of LeQuest ensures an optimal user experience.
This new online training is conductive to the specific needs of the different Affiniti user groups and allows users to gain hands-on experience with both hardware and software before starting to work with the system.

The official press release of this collaboration can be found here.

Connect and Learn


Master the use of the equipment in an effective way


Gain confidence by practicing with realistic simulation scenarios


Learn and practice anytime, anywhere


Receive a Philips certificate after completion

Benefits for Medical Staff

  • Master the use of the equipment in an efficient way.

  • Increase your level of confidence by practicing online with realistic simulation scenarios.

  • Stay up to date throughout the entire lifetime of the device, due to re-certification possibilities.

  • Targeted to the needs of the different clinical segments (GI, OB/GYN, Cardiac).

  • Available in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

  • Philips certification as proof of competency after completion of the e-training.


Benefits for Managers and Hospital Administration

  • Better trained staff.

  • No loss of operational time as your staff can train individually at their own convenience.

  • Quicker onboarding of new staff, as they can start training immediately.

  • Transparency in the competency level of staff.

  • No need for equipment in order to train.

  • Scalable training solution by means of a per person/license model.

  • No capital equipment investment required.

  • In line with MDR.

  • In line with GDPR.


Are you interested to know more about the Affiniti e-training? Please contact your local Philips Representative, or leave your contact details behind here. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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