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Our name reflects our roots, which go back to 2011, when our founder Hicham Shatou saw medical staff struggling to use advanced medical devices in an urgent situation. Later, after talking with various people, he realized that the root issue was the training. It simply didn’t reflect real-world realities or cover the full performance opportunities offered by the latest technology. This left medical staff feeling inadequately prepared.

Guided by this, our quest is to improve medical device training to unlock the full potential of today’s medical technology, and so enable medical staff to reach their maximum potential.

"No one who goes into a hospital should suffer during hospital care. Unfortunately, I witnessed the loss of a close one because of this. This experience motivated me to start LeQuest. Together with my team, we developed a more efficient and advanced way to train medical staff to use medical devices. To reduce patient suffering and avoid medical errors."

Hicham Shatou
Founder & CEO of LeQuest

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Funded by leading investors who believe in our vision, we continue to grow fast. We currently work with five of the biggest medical device manufacturers in the world, we have developed more than 80 simulation-based training modules and are active in over 15 global markets.

Do you want to help us continue to improve patient safety and make a difference for medical staff globally by helping them become more proficient and confident in the use of medical technology? Get in touch with us today!

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