Improving the use of medical technology

LeQuest was founded to help the healthcare industry deal with the ever-increasing dependency on medical technology. We aim to improve the quality of care by empowering healthcare professionals to use medical technology with confidence and competence. Our service solution trains and certifies healthcare professionals for the use of medical technology through customized, online e-trainings.

Improving technology

The core of LeQuest medical technology e-trainings:


By creating a representation of the original device and simulating its behavior, our e-trainings prepare the trainees for daily practice.


We tailor our e-trainings to seamlessly fit the user's specific needs, as well as the needs of the organization they're operating in.


Trainees get certified to handle the device by finalizing the training. We provide structural re-certification opportunities for all our trainees.

What our customers say:

"LeQuest makes training and mastering the use of medical devices efficient and fun. That’s what I call real innovation.”

Head of OR department,
VUmc Hospital

“LeQuest helped us introduce our new x-ray device by training our assistants in an efficient and motivating way.”

Head of OR department,
Royal Bronovo Hospital

What our customers say

We fulfill your need for medical technology training.


LeQuest raises €7 million to expand its leadership in medical technology education

LeQuest raises €7 million to expand its leadership in medical technology education

Rotterdam, 2 May 2019 – Supplier of medical technology education LeQuest has received a €7 million injection from new investors MedFinance and InnovationQuarter and the company’s existing financiers NextGen Ventures, Noaber Ventures and Philips Health Technology Ventures. Hermineke van Bockxmeer, director of City Development of Rotterdam congratulates CEO Hicham Shatou …

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Since its founding, LeQuest has led the market in medical technology e-trainings with one main goal: improve the quality of care by improving the use of medical technology. Our international team of 50 (and still growing!) members are dedicated to support healthcare professionals all over the world to feel more confident and competent in their daily work.

Working at LeQuest means that you love to analyze, to create, to build and to solve problems. You must love games too!



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