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Success story
Arcomed's infusion pumps for Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep





Medical Device Company:




Ensure all nurses have the same advanced level of knowledge and skills in using Arcomed’s infusion pumps, for the entire life span of the device.



LeQuest delivered two digital simulation trainings for new device implementation across entire hospital.



A certification rate of 86% and a utilization rate of 90%. Aside from onboarding all existing nurses prior to the introduction of Arcomed’s infusion pumps, every new nurse that joins the hospital is being onboarded in the same way using LeQuest’s simulation training. 



Reduced the dependency on key users while simultaneously increasing their added value; higher completion rates than previously experienced; lower user complaints and less problems reported due to better trained staff; face-to-face training shortened due to the nurses’ prior in-depth familiarity of the infusion pumps. 


What our customers said:


Roel Matulessy, Team Lead Medical Technology: “Our long-term agreement with LeQuest ensures that all our nurses have the same advanced level of knowledge and skills in using infusion pumps for the entire life span of the device. Before we introduced LeQuest’s product we were very dependent on key users to train the trainer and a lot of knowledge was lost when a key user left. We ended up with just a manual and a few experienced users. After introducing LeQuest we now tap into our key users as substantive experts and as a key point of contact when problems arise. The reports we receive now are mainly related to malfunctions of the device itself and the number of user complaints is considerably lower in comparison to previous replacements of the infusion pumps.”  


Roy Koendering, Training Advisor Noordwest Academy:  “LeQuest’s simulation training is very hands-on. It’s also much shorter and provides more in-depth learning than what we were used to. By cutting down on face-to-face training, we also saved a lot of time. The fact that our nurses could access LeQuest’s active learning platform at any moment, whenever they had time for it and from any place, was a huge advantage. The high completion rates support this and it is invaluable that our long-term agreement ensures high-level education during the entire lifespan of the device.”  


Sandra Entes, ICU nurse: “LeQuest’s simulation training is very precise, easy and fun to use – it’s like having the device in my own hands: I had to perform all the actions and troubleshoot various scenarios exactly as I would if I was personally handling the infusion pump.

The gained knowledge really sticks, and I feel 100% confident in using the infusion pumps now. Knowing that not just myself, but also my colleagues know exactly what to do when an alarm goes off, brings an extra sense of security.” 


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Arcomed's infusion pumps


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