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Queen Máxima compliments LeQuest during the World of Health Care congress 2017

LeQuest attended the World of Health Care congress in The Hague, the Netherlands. Here, LeQuest was one of the companies present that was awarded the opportunity to showcase their “Healthcare solution” to Queen Máxima who visited the event.

Together with Dr. Jan Kimpen (CMO at Philips) and Eline de Vroome (Lead Medical Device Analyst at LeQuest) the founder and CEO of LeQuest, Hicham Shatou, was honored to be able to explain to Queen Máxima how LeQuest’s innovative online training methods for medical devices contributes to the quality, affordability and accessibility of global healthcare. The Queen complimented Shatou on how far they have come and stressed that disruptive innovations tend to come from the outside. She expressed her hope that, like Philips, large manufacturers of medical technology will embrace such innovative solutions to improve the quality of care.

Hicham Shatou commented: “What an honor to have our efforts at LeQuest acknowledged by a Royal compliment from our Queen Máxima at our stand at the World of Health Care 2017. We are truly thankful to all that made it possible for us to continue our dream of having every healthcare professional trained and certified by LeQuest and improving the use of medical technology worldwide”.

The World of Health Care focuses on creating awareness and connecting international healthcare issues to Dutch solutions. World of Health Care is an initiative of the Task Force Health Care (TFHC) and is supported by Health~Holland. The TFHC, the platform for the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector, organizes conferences aimed at global healthcare challenges, international trends and export. During the event, Dutch Life Sciences & Health organizations have the opportunity to get in touch with over a 100 international decisionmakers in healthcare from Germany, Belgium, Poland, South Africa, Kenya, Ukraine, Scotland, China and the US.

Queen Máxima compliments LeQuest during the World of Health Care congress 2017

About LeQuest

LeQuest, founded in 2011 is a leading technology company focused on improving the quality of care by unlocking the potential of both medical technology as well as the competence of medical staff to use devices to the limit of their possibilities. We are developing online interactive simulation-based e- training for the use of medical devices. The LeQuest e-trainings accelerate the implementation of new medical equipment, close the consumption gap, and make users quickly gain confidence, knowledge and competence within a safe environment including certifying and re-certifying of the medical staff. LeQuest is a fast growing company. LeQuest was recently recognized as one of the 250 fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands for 2020.