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Empowering healthcare professionals through online simulation trainings.

Our technology helps healthcare professionals use medical devices effectively and safely, in an innovative, interactive and immersive way.

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Who we are


Our standardized Active Learning Platform is the home for simulation trainings that features realistic real-life work scenarios for better use and greater satisfaction of medical technologies. All under one roof.


Our value

At LeQuest, we understand modern learning needs and how people best retain that knowledge. Along with our technological know-how, custom-built engine and integration within your own hospital infrastructure, together we make it all happen.

We are the only company that delivers a multi-vendor solution for simulation technology that actively trains and certifies healthcare professionals, from simple to complex medical technologies.

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Expertly Programmed
A hands-on virtual experience that gives you the feeling of having the medical device in front of you
Extensive real life work scenarios that go beyond features and demonstrate advanced usage of the medical device
Effective Learning
Memorable active learning framework that taps into healthcare professionals personalized needs during the lifecycle of the medical device
Fast Onboarding
An easy interactive click and go solution
Fully Compliant
Full Certification and Accreditation in line with hospital compliances, showcasing proof of knowledge and skills in the safe use of each medical device
Powerfully Integrated With Neuroscience
How the brain trains and retains information is fundamental to memorability, motivation and stimulation. That is why neuroscience protocols are actively built into our technology

Surgical Equipment Diagnostic Imaging Fertility Infusion Pumps Patient Monitoring Anesthesia Respiratory Devices Auto Transfusion EMG Monitoring Endoscopy Ophthalmology and more.

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Ge healthcare AYSIS CS2


Arcomed's infusion pumps


Erbe Vio 300 D

What our cUSTOMERS have to say about us

The knowledge really sticks, and we feel that we’re 100% skilled to safely operate the infusion pumps. It provides a piece of security in the ICU. When an alarm goes off, we all know exactly what to do. Our hands-on training also went very smoothly and there were barely any questions because all the nurses already knew how to properly handle the infusion pumps thanks to LeQuest's simulation training.”

- Sandra Entes, ICU Nurse, after the introduction of new Arcomed infusion pumps at Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep (hospital in the north west of the Netherlands)

Our three critical elements to bridging the gap between machine power and human knowledge are:

Cloud based medical simulation technology

Our platform is available anytime, anywhere, any place, giving you the opportunity to engage with it in your own time.

The know-how to collect and write the data

Our expert team will guide you on the specific requirements and our analysts will pull everything together seamlessly for smooth integration.

The neuroscience learning protocols

We incorporate the power of neuroscience into our platform to enhance motivation, stimulation, understanding and memory retention.
Hours of Technical Engineering Experience
Simulations Made