LeQuest facilitates the entire training process for your medical technology.

From defining the learning goals for the use of a device to building, validating, rolling out and implementing the e-training(s) and (re)certifying healthcare professionals, all tailored to your needs.

Customized and guided simulation

LeQuest develops and delivers e-trainings the users appreciate as is evident from the high completion rates and satisfaction levels. This is mainly due to the unique LeQuest approach of developing e-trainings:

  • By creating a full representation of the original device and simulating its behavior, our e-trainings prepare the trainees for realistic situations. They become more competent and confident in handling device functionalities.
  • We tailor our e-trainings to seamlessly fit the user’s specific needs by defining together with them their learning goals, as well as the needs of the organization they are operating in.
  • Interactive assignments, in combination with gamification elements, allow the trainee to easily and enjoyably master the required knowledge to use a device competently.

LeQuest e-trainings are easy to use and understand as they focus on learning by doing. We believe this is the best way to learn to use and master a device. Contact us to see how we can help you with your medical technology!


Training and certification of healthcare professionals for medical technology

LeQuest e-trainings are certified and accredited and provide structural re-certification opportunities for the trainees.

We are proud of being the first online certified educational institution for medical technology in the Netherlands!

The management overview provides detailed statistical data on the progress and performance of each trainee to their managers.

The visible competence of the trainees enables management to allocate their personnel optimally. It creates transparency and saves time and resources. In addition, new employees can be effective immediately because they can be trained and certified beforehand for the devices they would have to use.


Collaboration with hospitals and manufacturers

Trainees can access our trainings via an LTI connection seamlessly implemented in the Learning Management System of their hospital. The LeQuest platform also allows for direct access through invitation or registration, depending on the requirements of the hospital.

For manufacturers, we build and deliver e-trainings globally to their customers to train and certify their users on their devices. This achieves great results during the new product implementation and increases the brand experience by speeding up the device use mastery process.


You have our full support

We take care of every aspect of your medical technology training.