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End of Support Internet Explorer 11

LeQuest is working continuously on improving our users experience and further developing our e-trainings and services to deliver high quality software. This requires recent technologies and internet browsers. As Microsoft is no longer supporting new web standards in their Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browser LeQuest is unfortunately forced to stop supporting IE11 from the 1st of January 2021.

Microsoft advises customer to use more modern browsers

IE11 was launched by Microsoft in 2013, and till the release of Microsoft Edge in 2016, IE11 was the default browser for all Microsoft devices. In February 2019 Microsoft posted a blog explaining why it no longer advised to use IE11. In the post Microsoft explains that IE11 is not supporting any new web standards, which are necessary for most applications nowadays. Microsoft advises customers to use more modern browsers. For the full blog, please click here.

In August 2020 this message was complemented by Microsoft’s announcement that from August 2021, their 365 apps and services will no longer support IE11. You can read about these announcements here. 

What does this mean for you?

Some of our e-trainings will still load on IE11 for a while, but LeQuest cannot guarantee the performance and experience on these e-trainings. On entering your e-training you will be notified in case IE11 is not supported at all. For an optimal experience during the use of the LeQuest e-trainings and services, we recommend using modern internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.


Do you have any questions about this change, what it means for your e-training and/or your trainees, or you are doubting if you have the right browser available at your organization? Please get in touch with us, so together we can make sure you are prepared for this change.

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About LeQuest

LeQuest, founded in 2011 is a leading technology company focused on improving the quality of care by unlocking the potential of both medical technology as well as the competence of medical staff to use devices to the limit of their possibilities. We are developing online interactive simulation-based e- training for the use of medical devices. The LeQuest e-trainings accelerate the implementation of new medical equipment, close the consumption gap, and make users quickly gain confidence, knowledge and competence within a safe environment including certifying and re-certifying of the medical staff. LeQuest is a fast growing company. LeQuest was recently recognized as one of the 250 fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands for 2020.