Unlock the full potential of your medical technology


Improved Experience
Improved Experience

Our improved initial training ensures an improved learning experience for healthcare professionals who use the medical equipment.

More In-Depth
More In Depth

As there is no need for explaining basic functionality, there is more time to focus on advanced knowledge and optimization of device usage.

Cost Savings
Cost Savings

Due to fewer 'face time' hours required for training, costs are saved and the available time can be spent more effectively.

Lower liability risks
Lower Liability Risks

Software updates can be implemented in the e-training before the role out of new software versions in line with MDR.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

By improving customer satisfaction and adding value as a partner healthcare institution will have a better relationship with your company.

Service call reduction
Improved Service

Improved training will reduce the number of unnecessary requests for service support while using the medical device.

LeQuest offers you

  • Interactive theory and assessment through our hardware and software simulations. 
  • Extended training scenarios beyond the ‘standard’ workflow. 
  • Software updates in the e-training before role out of new software versions 
  • Customization for various hardware and software versions  and target groups. 
  • Localization for different target markets.
  • Certification  as proof of competency after completion of the e-training. 
  • Accreditation  possibility with the relevant regulatory bodies. 
  • Easy integration of  the e-training into your Learning Management System (LMS). 


We take care of every aspect of your medical technology training. 

Contact us and let’s see how we can help you unlock the full potential of your medical technology. 

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