Empower medical staff to unlock the full potential of medical technology

Device e-training

LeQuest was founded to help improve patient care by empowering medical staff to use medical devices to their full potential. To achieve this, we created an educational approach that is just as advanced as the medical devices professionals need to understand and master.

We are proud that we work with Healthcare Institutions all over the world, including University Hospitals, Peripheral Hospitals, and clinics. We have rolled out over 15,000 global licenses in more than 15 markets across various types of medical staff, certifying among others nurses, specialists, and radiological technicians. And those numbers are growing all the time.


Operational Time
Operational Time

Medical staff can train at any suitable moment and new staff can be easily onboarded on the medical devices.

Proven competence
Proven Competence

Staff can gets trained and retrained through the entire lifetime of the medical device, also when there are software updates on of the device.


The competency level of medical staff is made transparent leading to more efficient resource planning.

LeQuest offers you

  • Customized training per target device and target group.
  • Autonomy as staff can train individually at their own convenience, 24/7 from any location.
  • (re)-certification as proof of competency after completion of the e-training.
  • Accreditation possibility with the relevant regulatory bodies.
  • Statistical data on the progress and performance of you medical staff.
  • Easy integration of the e-training into your Learning Management System (LMS).


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